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How are you?
Are you Interested in HOODIES [High Quality Best Fitted, Comfortable, Durable] ?

If yes then We have made SPECIAL PRICE LIST for you Given Below:

[Available in Cotton Fleece and Polyster Fleece Pre-Shrunk]
[350 GSM]
1000 pieces = Each pair 7.49 USD
500 pieces = Each pair 7.95 USD
250 pieces = Each pair 8.24 USD
100 pieces = Each pair 8.48 USD
75 pieces = Each pair 8.98 USD
50 pieces = Each pair 9.46 USD
25 pieces = Each pair 9.96 USD
10 pieces = Each pair 12.00 USD


Stitching= Outclass

Quality= High

Packing= Each Hooded Sweat Shirt in Poly Bag

Note: (Shipping & Printing/Embroidery Charges are not included in this price)

Printing: As per your demand

Embroidery: As Per Your Demand


To see Pictures Of Hooded Sweat Shirts Visit


or Visit Our Website www.AxiomAsterisk.com to see more products.


To Get Door Delivered Price Provide us following.


1- Order Quantity

2- Your Country (With Complete Address)

3- Logo/Picture which you want to print/or Embroidery on Hooded Sweet Shirt.


Customers' Satisfaction

Our aim is not only To Earn Profit or selling our products, Our aim is

to satisfy our customers By Providing them

1- Quality Products at Reasonable Prices

2- Fair Dealing. (Material as per Commitment)

3- Delivery in Time.

4- Customization of Products as per your demand.

and retain Our Customers for Long-Term Trust worthy Business

Relationship in a Friendly Environment.


Ask For your Desired Products' Special Offer:


If you have interest in
1- Sports Goods
2- Casual and Sports Apparels
3- Leather Garments
4- Promotional Products like Mini boxing gloves(Car hangers/Key chains)

Note: If you do not find Product which you wanted to place order,

then feel free to ask because some products which we are producing on

customers' Demand, but not uploaded on our website.


send us your products(s) picture(s)/sample(s) which you want to

produce at Special price. So we will calculate our best Bottom price

for you.

More Products Prices will update Soon if you do not found your related
product's price list then feel free to ask by sending e-mail on

If you have any question of objection then feel free to ask us anytime.

May there would be many other supplier/manufacturer which provides
you these products in lower price but you can see that there would be
fitting or material quality issues like durability, Quality, GSM
of Material/apparel or any material's quality etc.

we are not hiding different quality Materials from our customers like
other manufacturer/suppliers because we want to do fair deal with our
customer to do long-term Business in a trustworthy environment.

So if you are price conscious or quality conscious or need economy
like price or quality both you can see the price list or ask us for
the suggestion.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Thanks for your Precious Time.

Cordial Regards,
Ali Afzal


PHONE: 0092-333-8711707
Website: www.AxiomAsterisk.com
E-Mail: Axiom.Asterisk@gmail.com

Skype: Axiom_Asterisk
Viber: 0092-333-8711707
WhatsApp: 0092-333-8711707

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